Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sushi and Happiness

       Tonight my host mom and I are making Sushi.  Awhile back I went to a running sushi restaurant which begs the question, are “running sushi” restaurants common? It’s an intelligent concept- instead of your waiters and waitresses running around bring you your sushi, your sushi is running to you. How convenient.  When I googled running sushi they came up with running sushi Copenhagen/NYC etc…   so maybe not so well known. Oh FYI, no smoking in sushi bars even if it’s allowed.  Just last night I was forced (you know who you are) to put wasabi straight on my tongue. It wasn’t as hot as I expected. I think I’m slowly numbing my spicy sensors. 

I enjoy asking people I’ve just met to sing their national anthem. .  It kind of makes them do a double take, like “whaaa? Really?”  And it appears to causes them to panic a bit.   A couple evenings ago I met up with some friends at the beach. We shared a bottle of wine, chips, and great conversation. As we are all sitting around the clouds are getting darker and darker and we realized we were in for a big rain storm.  First came the lightening though. There was something alluring about sitting next to the ocean, watching the sky grow dark, and seeing the flashes of lightening. It would have been wrong to leave any earlier than we did. Reality hits you around the same time as a rain drop though. And then when it’s no longer just “a raindrop” you start wondering why exactly you felt you had to stay 20 extra minutes. It was a great night though – and no beach visit is complete without a swim. My friend Hannah and I went ahead with that. It soon began pouring and on the way back the bus driver took pity on us as we flagged him down at a stop light.

Last weekend I was in Gothenburg, Sweden with a friend from the Netherlands. We had the pleasure of couchsurfing with a guy from Germany who was a really nice guy. Whenever you see a new location for the first time you really have no idea where to begin sightseeing. The beauty of Couchsurfing is that you see things and parts of a city you would not see if you met up with someone living there.  

“If you want to be happy, be.” Leo Tolstoy

A great quote due to its simplicity and truth.


From the beach night, left to right we have: Miss Hungary, Miss Philippines, myself, and Miss. Iceland. :DD