Monday, February 21, 2011

quick brief update

Well the month of Febuary has been sorta crazy... and I really kind of fell off the face of the blogging world until I got a comment from Dull Boy saying something about January 31st. It's been forever! I do have some good excuses though. ;)

In the beginning of Febuary I had to leave my host family because it really was not working out. And I have to say, in the last 2 weeks I've been much happier then I was in the 2.5 months spent with my first host family. I was able to find a second host family who is living around Copenhagen. So now I'm close to the big city! It's made it much easier to meet people and it's made life a bit more fun. My current host family has 3 children. 2 boys- 7 and 11 and 1 girl- 4. They are all fantastic and very sweet! The 11 year old boy speaks English which is quite a relief. And he's quite the comedian actually.

So beyond moving (my goodness i acquired way too much clothing) and adjusting to a new family.... I just spent the last week in Paris! I made sure I saw the most important sights like... the Eiffel Tower etc... and it was a great experience.

So now that I am learning the routine in my second host family, I should be able to blog like I used to.

xoxoxoxo Em

p.s. someone just named there daughter Facebook. I think I'm going to name my daughter Twitter.