Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook, Snookie, Weddings, and Homework

I think we should put our hands together and give a round of applause for Facebook. They are going to have an IPO in the future. 2012 to be exact. My response “I’m totally going to invest in THAT.” I know Facebook has been getting a bad rap in the news lately and rightly so. However, despite all that, no one on my friends list has deleted their FB.  Kind of goes inline with, if you can’t see it, it must not exist. Look at it in terms of “oh, Aunt Vilma got her jewelry stolen!” “Oh, that is just terrible.” blah blah blah, the end. (unless you were going to inherit something from Aunt Vilma, then maybe a different story). Then look at it like: “Our house was broken in to!” “Go out and change all the locks, get a new security system, etc….”

We all know who Snookie is, right? I didn’t until this morning but I do know about the 10% tax for tanning salons. How lame is that? I’ve never gone to one, I usually get a sufficient amount of tanning done in the summer from God’s yellow sun. You know how they say the sun causes skin cancer? Well, I’ve heard it two ways. Some people also say it’s the sunscreen. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on one of those bottles? ICK. There is the “good” kind of sunscreen that only has a few ingredients but one looks extremely pale after the application. I never used to use sunscreen until I came to CA. Now if I spend a day at the beach I use it. I really hate sunburns.

I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned that “I hate weddings.” It wasn’t a total off the wall random comment because there was a wedding going on in the vicinity. I do hate weddings though. The last wedding I participated in, I really put in my dues. I helped in the kitchen and with clean up afterwards. You only do that when it’s a reallllly good friend getting married. At the end of the event I was on my hands and knees cleaning a floor. One of the bridesmaids walks by and is like “Oh, everyone’s working so hard! Hehe!” Oh yes, so funny. Mind you, the only thing she did was walk the isle and complain about not getting forks and enough food. But that’s not why I hate weddings. They usually are all the same with a tiny bit of variation (I guess that‘s called tradition) and they can cost a fortune. The fortune I’m talking about does not compare to the 3 million Miss. Clinton is having spent on her wedding but it is still substantial. Therefore, I have decided, I shall not have a wedding. I shall have a huge reception party. Half the stress and twice the fun.

I’m including a picture of myself in this blog post, I generally do not do that. Yesterday I spent 1.5 hours scraping the sides of a dock. I have never been more sore in a million different place. I almost fell out of bed this morning. I just didn't want anyone to think I was all play and no work.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.

I’m only extremely tardy in this post due to spending 10 hours on one homework problem and still remaining unsatisfied with the answer I came up with. Sometimes I guess you just have to learn to let go.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Luther Vandross

Germany’s 2010 Love Parade Festival ended in 15-20 deaths and many injuries when one of the only exits was closed up. People became irritated with the slowness of the crowd and a stampede of people was the result. How would you like to go to a parade festival with one million other people and witness that? Not really.

I was listening to a duet by Frank Sinatra and Luther Vandross today. Luther Vandross is an amazing singer. He passed away in 2005 at the age of 54 from a heart attack. When you’re 20 it’s scary to think of 27 being half of one’s life. I had a conversation the other day with a lady I work with. She was talking about how she came to work in finance. She achieved her career dream, became VP of a company, had kids, money, and she wasn’t happy.

~Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross~ Chances are, you've most likely heard this song before.

My life is highly compartmentalized. I have school in one compartment, work in another, family in another, and so on. I find myself giving everything to my school and work, and what is leftover I give to my family. After that there’s nothing left. It get’s to the point where you almost make yourself believe “if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.” But there are some things at the back of your mind that you can’t forget. And it’s always “when I’m not so busy I’ll get to it.” In retrospect, I can’t think of many times where life has ever slowed down since I was 17 and started working full time.

It’s really all about finding balance. My pastor once gave a description of how it should look when Jesus is at the center of everything you do. He gave the illustration of an ole wagon wheel. The center should be Jesus and all the spokes coming out is what you have going on in your life. Beyond keeping Jesus at the center, you have to take advantage of the moments that cross your path. If you have an opportunity, don’t wait for tomorrow.

When I was back in Washington, there were a few people I had on my mind that I wanted to spend more time with. I was busy with school and work and didn’t make time. And now I’m miles away and there is no way I could do what I tossed around in my mind a month ago.

I know this is old news but Darth Vader robbed a Chase bank. And as far as bank robberies go I think that was brilliant. Next time we’ll be hearing about Mickey Mouse’s big bank robbing debut.
And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Due to extreme busy-ness I have not had an opportunity to update my blog. From now on, I will be posting 3 times a week. Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

And that's Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pet peeves, Baseball, and Shopping

One of my pet peeves involves people leaving trash around at places like movie theaters. If you’ve ever stayed until the end of a movie, watching the credits while the theater room empties, you will see what I’m talking about. As you leave your seat to walk out, you are stepping over spilled popcorn, empty cups, and candy bags all over the floor. Apparently we are too lazy to walk 20 steps to the trash can outside the door. (Even though we‘ll walk by it anyway… so it‘s more we are too lazy to carry something 20 steps)

The baseball game was great. There were home runs and it was a close game. I don’t know much about baseball, but I kind of figured when the fans were all clapping and cheering, something good was happening. I debated as to what team I should cheer for and settled with the Angels. I was in their stadium after all. And they won. It’s interesting the kind of people you’ll sit around when you’re at a game like that. There was a gentleman in front of us who was very loud and talked a lot. (I don‘t think English was his first language) To the right there was a couple gals and they were usually buying something every 5 seconds. And they left a ton of trash in there absence.

Today I went shopping and it was a very successful trip. I finally bought myself some tennis shoes. I really have never liked tennis shoes and have not needed to wear them much. It’s not like I do that much outside now a days anyway. But after a 4 mile walk in flip flops…. I changed my mind. I bought a cute pair of sandals too.

I have been a nanny for the last 3 years and I watched twin boys. The most beautiful and adorable boys you’ll ever see. Today I read in the news that a pair of twin girls drowned in Mass. That makes me sad. I can not imagine what the family must be going through. When watching kids it only takes turning away for one second. You never know what can happen.

And that's Emily reporting to you live from HB, California

Friday, July 16, 2010

Volunteerism and Philosophy

Can you say Baseball? I can. The Angels were playing the Mariners last night and I watched half the game. Not too bad. But, the exciting part comes on Saturday. I will join the ranks of people in the stands actually watching the game for themselves. There is a first time for everything. And the Seattle Mariners are from WA, ha.

I’m now working as a volunteer at the local art center and had my first day yesterday afternoon. I’m also volunteering elsewhere in Finance. I told a girl who works at the art center and she was like “so why are you doing all this volunteering?” I thought for minute and I have no idea why. The finance makes sense but the art center is a little out there. I think I’m going to like that girl. I watched an acrylic painting sessions and I’m impressed. My art skills generally extend to stick figures. 

I met a Dr. of Philosophy last night. He was a charming guy and an excellent cook. He talked about an interesting concept “levels of happiness” and how each individual is born with a specific level. And in that level they can be up at the top, in the middle, at the bottom, etc…. and sometimes you can bounce way beyond in either direction, but you will usually end up settling in your range. So two people could experience the exact same circumstances and depending on their level of happiness, they could feel two completely different ways. I still have to mull that over but it is interesting.

I was going to talk about Euthanasia but I’ll save that for another post. I started to write about it and felt it was too depressing for this gorgeous day. Waking up to sunshine and blue skies is so wonderful. I love rain and clouds but sunny and blue comes to a close second.

Argentina has legalized gay marriages, complete with all the rights. It sounds like it was a close call though. I wonder what is next? Russia has been experiencing a heat wave currently and many people are dying. Why? Usually they are falling in swimming areas after drinking alcohol. Not  a good combination, I guess. Weather is an interesting thing. In the DC area, MD and NY included, there was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake felt. I know a couple people who live in that area but I believe myself to be excommunicated from there lives. So I can’t really make any phone calls.

Starbucks here I come. 

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The French Parliament and Copy Machines

The French Parliament is approving a ban on face covers; burqa veils included. On the surface, you can come  up with a couple good reasons to do so. According to Yahoo News, “the niqab and burqa are also seen here as a gateway to extremism and an attack on secularism, a central value of France for more than a century.” So because France is proud of their secularism they are going to impart their views on the few that actually wear burqas. I don’t really care what one’s view on Muslimism is, I think it is irrelevant in this situation.

Let’s look at it from another angle. Say that in the US you are banned from wearing hats because the US Supreme Court rules in favor of the “wearing of hats as a disrespectful act towards Mother Nature.” I would consider that an infringement on my rights. How is that so different than the French Parliament approving the burqa ban? Of course it is titled something else… but that is essentially what it is doing.

I  like the freedom of opening my closet and choosing what to wear without thinking, “Oh, I can’t wear that scarf…. It’s orange. That’s illegal.” It seems that the direction we are headed for globally is repressive.

I have a volunteer job and I put in my first day yesterday. I spent 4 hours using a copy machine to copy proposals and store files on the computer. It was interesting. It’s in the Finance department so I have great hope that once the 3 filing cabinets are done, I’ll be doing something more finance like. However, it will look smashing on my resume. Can “shred paper” “make photocopy’s” etc… I did learn all about Ledger paper though. You never think about the different types of paper until you are spending time changing the copy setting every 5 minutes before you can slide the paper through.

Be careful what you twitter if you are in Venezuela. Apparently their laws are pretty tough….

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.  

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I told you I was going to be adventurous someday and that day turned out to be Saturday morning. I was offered a chance to learn some Karate and I said “Yes, why not?” It was low key and I knew two of the people having met them last week. They would do a move using the right hand for the block/punch. THEN opposite.  I knew I was lacking in something, but the whole reversal thing just threw me off. And then it got worse or maybe better. There was a young gorgeous gentleman participating and helping me bumble along.

I think I would someday like to do something like Karate. As much as I would love to start taking lessons I fear my perfectionist complex will comes into play. If I can’t do something 100% I don’t really feel the desire to even put a little bit out.

Somebody else said that the other day too. Isn’t it nice to know our quirky behavior is sometimes universal?

I was rooting for the Netherlands. So boo hoo to Spain. I watched my first World Cup Soccer game on TV. As you can tell, I’m not a huge sports fanatic.  I am a fan of walking, however. I walked 4 miles today in flip flops. I’m thinking I should not do that again, but I’m also thinking my flip flops deserve a name for having been put through that. Jane and Jill perhaps?

Car accidents are traumatic.  The other day there was a car accident around Portland, Oregon. Now, that’s not so unusual. However, confusion was caused due to the car occupants having been dressed up as zombies for a party they were going to. I want to go to a zombie party.

I have Germany and Venice on my mind. If I had an opportunity to live in a foreign country and tour Europe for a couple years, I would do it in a heartbeat. That is what happens when you spend time around people who travel consistently.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California

(I haven‘t had an opportunity to take many pictures, hence, many of my own pics are not showing up lately. Also, I will add a disclaimer later, but you all should know that the pictures on this blog are either mine or images of the public domain)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cribbage, Tigers, and Accounting

I learned how to play Cribbage last night. Get a couple competitive people around one of those boards and you will have a show worth watching. Cribbage involves a bit of math though. Some people feel that because I’m an accountant, I must be good with numbers. That is not true. I USED to be good with numbers… but in textbook accounting it’s not all about addition. Oh yes, you have to add up huge columns of numbers and hope the equalize. But that’s what I have a trusty HP Financial Calculator for.

I have decided that it is in my best interest to become a good cribbage player. Therefore, I shall have to learn to add basic math again. Cribbage came around in the 1600s. There was a card game called “Noddy” beforehand that was tweaked/fixed up till it became Cribbage. If you haven’t ever played Cribbage, go buy a board, find a friend, and play. John Suckling (yes, that‘s really his name) is known for the “tweaking.”

My friends, I want to be the first to inform you… but I know that shall not be the case. We are losing our Wild Tigers. According to Reuters we  have less than 50 in China. You know when you leave your nice car in a bad place in the city, you come back only to find the wheels and rims gone, etc… and not much left? Well there’s a tiger trade in China that is alive and well. They use the poor things down to their whiskers. So it should not be a surprise that the tigers are near extinction.  If you want more information check out this website:

Oh and it looks like Mel Gibson is in for it. But that might have been the case for awhile. He was always one of my favorite actors too.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Peru, Casa Inka, Resomation, and UFO's

If you have never eaten at a Peruvian Restaurant you are missing out on a treat. A treat that I myself missed out on until last night.

In the 1500’s the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Peru. One of the more well known and developed Andean civilizations, captured by the Spanish Conquistadors, was known as the Inca Empire. If you are inclined to thank someone for founding Lima, the capital of Peru, you can thank Francisco Pizarro.

So, what do Peruvians eat. According to this website their diet regularly consists of  “potatoes, rice, beans, fish, and various grains.” The seafood is a logical extension of Peru being bordered by the South Pacific Ocean. And yes, lots of starch. I had the opportunity to sample Yucca root last night. It’s actually kind of tasty. It tastes a bit like sweet potato only drier.

The Restaurant, Casa Inka, is doing well despite the economy. Though it was Thursday night it felt like a Friday night. The waiter was excellent and the atmosphere was casual. We settled on seafood that was done just right.

Between psychic parakeets, psychic octopuses, and saving the environment through resomation, I’ve decided resomation is a topic worth mentioning.  Microsoft Works Word Processor thinks I’m misspelling it and the word isn‘t in their dictionary. Burials and Cremations are becoming a thing of the past. Why would someone choose resomation? Less energy used and less carbon dioxide expensed into the air. They use alkali, pressure, and heat to take care of remains. The process has been around for a bit and it appears to be controversial. Maybe I’m only looking at the surface but if someone wanted to do that, why not?

UFO sighted in China and stopped flights going out. I think I’d be a bit annoyed if I was at the airport trying to get somewhere. Especially considering it’s just a military craft that’s top secret.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spy Swaps, Hot Sauce, and Fortune Cookies

Ok, let’s talk about the topic that’s on everyone’s minds…. Besides the earthquake that shook Southern CA which, apparently, people like me don’t feel those things.  As my friend says “We love our earthquakes, we can’t stop talking about them.” The radio station went on and on.

Now the topic that’s on everyone’s minds. Spy swaps. Looking back it appears spy swaps aren’t so uncommon with Russia during the Cold War. It’s been awhile. My guess is those spy swaps were a lot more covert and not blasted about on national news. Or maybe they were. By the way, one of my absolute favorite tv shows is Alias. I watched each episode and have netflix and amazon to thank for that.

 With the advent of the internet we have news right at our very fingertips. But it looks like some don‘t like that.  Maybe if our internet were censored like China’s, we’d all be happier.  The TSA seems to think so. A letter that went out to employees specified censoring sites that are thought to be inappropriate for 5 reasons. One of the reasons: Controversial opinion. Cough cough.

Yesterday my friend and I went to a place called Pick up Stix and picked up some food for dinner. We had just come from the mall and it was too late to actually stop and eat. It was also too late to go home and make dinner.  The food was delicious.  I doused it in Hot Chili Sauce which, really is hot. 
You know how some things say “hot,” you proceed to believe them and then realize that was a mistake. Not this stuff. The burning sensation was perfect. They had a new fashioned soda machine there and I’m almost certain we’ll be seeing more of same. The guy mentioned 130 flavors and I got Dr. Pepper. Some day I’ll impress people with how adventurous I really am.

Apparently San Francisco wants to make the “selling” of pets illegal in their lovely city. I’m think that’s a license to kill.

My fortune cookie: Rely on the written advice you receive this week for good fortune. I think I’ll go ahead and do that.

And that's Emily reporting to you live from HB, California

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Trip to the Local Starbucks

Today I walked to the local Starbucks  about 20 minutes away. It’s a beautiful walk and the only downside was the textbook I was carrying. Those things are HEAVY.  The Grande Bold Coffee was absolutely delish and the lady behind the counter was really getting into her job. As I was sitting, sipping my coffee, listening to my mp3, working on homework, I had the privilege of meeting Dan. We spoke for a half an hour or so. Apparently he’s lived in Seattle/Portland/Eugene and was going to school in Southern CA. As enjoyable as it was talking with him…. When he asked if I wanted to take the bus with him to some place I’d never heard of, I declined.

Apparently I get too much enjoyment out of talking with people I don’t know… Otherwise I’d be smart and just act real unfriendly. But that’s no fun! You can learn all sorts of fascinating things when you talk with someone completely unknown. I asked him if I could take his picture for my blog… but he wasn’t too keen on that. Apparently he’s like a lot of us who decline to have our picture taken unless we feel as though we look our best. Or maybe he’s self conscious cause he’s not photogenic. Whatever the reason, I have  no
picture of Dan.

The Starbucks I studied in was busy. There would be no one ordering drinks for 1 minute, then a flood of people would swarm in. It was almost like the oceans tide coming in and going out. On the way home, I stopped at one of those touristy vendors. I know, I know, I’m a sucker. I bought this beautiful necklace and the picture does it no justice. I like it though.

And that's Emily, reporting to you live from HB, California

Unrequited Love

This morning I enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee while reading the news. As I was reading I came across a story about a student from India who decided to poison the water at the local school because of the humiliation of being expelled from school over his many proposals and stalking tendencies.  It got me thinking about what people won’t do for love.

Most people are drawn to a good love story and there are many examples of such in History.  One example we can actually see is the Taj Mahal.   That architectural wonder is evidence of Shah Jahan’s love for Mumtaz Mahal.  The structure was built on the Yamuna River in India as a memorial to his wife who died giving birth to their 14th child. The project began one year after  Mumtaz’s death in 1631 and was not completed until 1653. The Taj Mahal is beautiful and a beautiful tribute to woman who was loved.

   Beyond the story behind the Taj Mahal we have the story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The Queen is known for her long period of mourning after the death of her husband. For the next 40 years she was only seen wearing black.

 Now we have the fictional tragedy written by Shakespeare that never seems to grow old. Romeo and Juliet. If you were to ask someone if they are familiar with that story, most people would say yes. When I was young my family and another got together to read the story. I distinctly remember reading the part of  Mercutio. Juliet takes a drug and appears dead. Romeo doesn't know it's part of the plan and believes her to be dead when he sees her next. I suppose he couldn’t bear living if she wasn’t there (the romance) and he ends up poisoning himself. Juliet wakes up (feels the same thing) and poisons herself. There we have the tragic love story of two star crossed lovers.  Although… imho, I think the story is silly. :P But I’m not really a romantic at heart.

I think the story of the 16 year old boy from India is quite amusing. 

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Writing to you from HB, CA

I have created this blog to keep up to date with all my friends and fans. I'll be posting regularly as I see fit.