Sunday, July 11, 2010


I told you I was going to be adventurous someday and that day turned out to be Saturday morning. I was offered a chance to learn some Karate and I said “Yes, why not?” It was low key and I knew two of the people having met them last week. They would do a move using the right hand for the block/punch. THEN opposite.  I knew I was lacking in something, but the whole reversal thing just threw me off. And then it got worse or maybe better. There was a young gorgeous gentleman participating and helping me bumble along.

I think I would someday like to do something like Karate. As much as I would love to start taking lessons I fear my perfectionist complex will comes into play. If I can’t do something 100% I don’t really feel the desire to even put a little bit out.

Somebody else said that the other day too. Isn’t it nice to know our quirky behavior is sometimes universal?

I was rooting for the Netherlands. So boo hoo to Spain. I watched my first World Cup Soccer game on TV. As you can tell, I’m not a huge sports fanatic.  I am a fan of walking, however. I walked 4 miles today in flip flops. I’m thinking I should not do that again, but I’m also thinking my flip flops deserve a name for having been put through that. Jane and Jill perhaps?

Car accidents are traumatic.  The other day there was a car accident around Portland, Oregon. Now, that’s not so unusual. However, confusion was caused due to the car occupants having been dressed up as zombies for a party they were going to. I want to go to a zombie party.

I have Germany and Venice on my mind. If I had an opportunity to live in a foreign country and tour Europe for a couple years, I would do it in a heartbeat. That is what happens when you spend time around people who travel consistently.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California

(I haven‘t had an opportunity to take many pictures, hence, many of my own pics are not showing up lately. Also, I will add a disclaimer later, but you all should know that the pictures on this blog are either mine or images of the public domain)


  1. the perfectionist in you is why the inside of your car is a complete disaster.. right? ;) Don't worry once Leanne has control of the car my nightmares will end..haa..haa.. and we won't even start on your bedroom.. or should I say "the room that was formally know as your bedroom".. :) you will have to settle that one with "the man, the myth, the legend" when you get back.. :) :)

    That story about the zombies cracked me up.. glad no one was seriously hurt..

  2. I like the Karate story. ;) And Venice?! What put that place in your mind? I was thinking more like Paris or England.

  3. hehehe, I hope he's enjoying every minute of his "freedom" :D Tell him that I have my own bathroom... that might make him jealous. ;) Or not...

    I know, people dressing up like zombies sounds like oodles of fun. :D

    Oh leelee, look at some pictures of Venice! It's so beautiful! And it's slightly magical. I wanna visit them all though. :P :P

  4. Ho ho ho! Emily trying martial arts. That's a sight. *snickers* ;) If you want to get serious about the discipline, take up Krav Maga (you can check out videos on Youtube). It's an Israeli art, and it kicks butt! If you want real-life self-defense, it's the way to go. You could probably find a training center somewhere down there. I actually have some Krav Maga training videos, but I've got no one to practice with. *sigh*

  5. hahaha. :D Sadly it really was a sight. I did get invited back though.... that can't be bad. :P I've heard of Krav Maga. I think it's sounds pretty awesome. If I ever to end up martial arting it, I will probably do that. :) I think I like golf better though. :)