Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spy Swaps, Hot Sauce, and Fortune Cookies

Ok, let’s talk about the topic that’s on everyone’s minds…. Besides the earthquake that shook Southern CA which, apparently, people like me don’t feel those things.  As my friend says “We love our earthquakes, we can’t stop talking about them.” The radio station went on and on.

Now the topic that’s on everyone’s minds. Spy swaps. Looking back it appears spy swaps aren’t so uncommon with Russia during the Cold War. It’s been awhile. My guess is those spy swaps were a lot more covert and not blasted about on national news. Or maybe they were. By the way, one of my absolute favorite tv shows is Alias. I watched each episode and have netflix and amazon to thank for that.

 With the advent of the internet we have news right at our very fingertips. But it looks like some don‘t like that.  Maybe if our internet were censored like China’s, we’d all be happier.  The TSA seems to think so. A letter that went out to employees specified censoring sites that are thought to be inappropriate for 5 reasons. One of the reasons: Controversial opinion. Cough cough.

Yesterday my friend and I went to a place called Pick up Stix and picked up some food for dinner. We had just come from the mall and it was too late to actually stop and eat. It was also too late to go home and make dinner.  The food was delicious.  I doused it in Hot Chili Sauce which, really is hot. 
You know how some things say “hot,” you proceed to believe them and then realize that was a mistake. Not this stuff. The burning sensation was perfect. They had a new fashioned soda machine there and I’m almost certain we’ll be seeing more of same. The guy mentioned 130 flavors and I got Dr. Pepper. Some day I’ll impress people with how adventurous I really am.

Apparently San Francisco wants to make the “selling” of pets illegal in their lovely city. I’m think that’s a license to kill.

My fortune cookie: Rely on the written advice you receive this week for good fortune. I think I’ll go ahead and do that.

And that's Emily reporting to you live from HB, California


  1. I think I bought that hot sauce once and yea.. it was hot!! Have to find it again.

    Written advice for today.. don't get on the bus with men named Dan.. but I think you already know this.. ;)

    Earthquake!? Never heard a word about it..

    Good for you in keeping up with latest news..

    It's 95 out right now.. a week ago we were building a fire to warm the house up.. I think summer is finally here.. :)

  2. You might be able to find it at the Lily Market if they are still in business. :)

    ahhh, while you're having lovely highs the temperature here is kind of record lows. hahaha! I don't mind it though. The East Coast is getting cooked though.. I think I'd rather have this than that. :D

  3. Ooooooh Alias! I was an addict not too far back.....