Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Trip to the Local Starbucks

Today I walked to the local Starbucks  about 20 minutes away. It’s a beautiful walk and the only downside was the textbook I was carrying. Those things are HEAVY.  The Grande Bold Coffee was absolutely delish and the lady behind the counter was really getting into her job. As I was sitting, sipping my coffee, listening to my mp3, working on homework, I had the privilege of meeting Dan. We spoke for a half an hour or so. Apparently he’s lived in Seattle/Portland/Eugene and was going to school in Southern CA. As enjoyable as it was talking with him…. When he asked if I wanted to take the bus with him to some place I’d never heard of, I declined.

Apparently I get too much enjoyment out of talking with people I don’t know… Otherwise I’d be smart and just act real unfriendly. But that’s no fun! You can learn all sorts of fascinating things when you talk with someone completely unknown. I asked him if I could take his picture for my blog… but he wasn’t too keen on that. Apparently he’s like a lot of us who decline to have our picture taken unless we feel as though we look our best. Or maybe he’s self conscious cause he’s not photogenic. Whatever the reason, I have  no
picture of Dan.

The Starbucks I studied in was busy. There would be no one ordering drinks for 1 minute, then a flood of people would swarm in. It was almost like the oceans tide coming in and going out. On the way home, I stopped at one of those touristy vendors. I know, I know, I’m a sucker. I bought this beautiful necklace and the picture does it no justice. I like it though.

And that's Emily, reporting to you live from HB, California


  1. good choice regarding Dan.. another reason that came to my mother brain as to why he did not want his pic taken... check the post office for the FBI's pics of the "Most Wanted" criminals in HB.. :) :)

  2. haha! ( I was thinking like quiverfull here.)
    What fun, Emy. I do this sometimes too, used to more. But then--my Momma counseled me that being a young lady, I ought to be a tad more careful. There was one time I was talking to a dude, fielding anda answering all sorts of interesting questions (non-personal) and yet I didn't realize until his female coworker busted out laughing at my naivete' that he was basically flirting with me--high-brow style. LOL. After that, I said "bye" and left shaking my head at myself.

    Life. ;) It's fun. It's an adventure. But the key really is to be "wise as serpents, gentle as doves."

    {And those necklaces are cool!! I like the one you picked out.}

  3. That's good advice, Hannah. :P I just love learning about people and when you're in a new place you can learn so much about the place from locals. But I will probably have to fix that... I'm starting to fear going into starbucks now! ;) The "high-brow" flirting does kinda throw you off for a min. hehe.

    I can't wait to wear it. :D

  4. Oh, the life you lead! P.S. Maybe it has something to do with your text book. Men think it's sexy to see a girl doing Accounting. It means she's got the looks and she's got the brains. H.E.double hocky sticks, I think you should walk around with your text book even after you graduate. Keep them boys linning up, I say!

  5. LOL. You might have a point there.... I'm kinda hoping I'll be showing off my Mercedes instead of my textbook. I think both might do the trick. ;)