Friday, July 9, 2010

Peru, Casa Inka, Resomation, and UFO's

If you have never eaten at a Peruvian Restaurant you are missing out on a treat. A treat that I myself missed out on until last night.

In the 1500’s the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Peru. One of the more well known and developed Andean civilizations, captured by the Spanish Conquistadors, was known as the Inca Empire. If you are inclined to thank someone for founding Lima, the capital of Peru, you can thank Francisco Pizarro.

So, what do Peruvians eat. According to this website their diet regularly consists of  “potatoes, rice, beans, fish, and various grains.” The seafood is a logical extension of Peru being bordered by the South Pacific Ocean. And yes, lots of starch. I had the opportunity to sample Yucca root last night. It’s actually kind of tasty. It tastes a bit like sweet potato only drier.

The Restaurant, Casa Inka, is doing well despite the economy. Though it was Thursday night it felt like a Friday night. The waiter was excellent and the atmosphere was casual. We settled on seafood that was done just right.

Between psychic parakeets, psychic octopuses, and saving the environment through resomation, I’ve decided resomation is a topic worth mentioning.  Microsoft Works Word Processor thinks I’m misspelling it and the word isn‘t in their dictionary. Burials and Cremations are becoming a thing of the past. Why would someone choose resomation? Less energy used and less carbon dioxide expensed into the air. They use alkali, pressure, and heat to take care of remains. The process has been around for a bit and it appears to be controversial. Maybe I’m only looking at the surface but if someone wanted to do that, why not?

UFO sighted in China and stopped flights going out. I think I’d be a bit annoyed if I was at the airport trying to get somewhere. Especially considering it’s just a military craft that’s top secret.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.


  1. resomation?? Sounds strange..

    You're getting quite the cultural experience there in HB.. Never thought of Peruvian food.. and never have seen a Peruvian restaurant here in these parts..

    Enjoyable blog posts! :)

  2. I know, that's what I thought! Belgium is currently considering it. :P

    I haven't either! That is part of the reason I love this place, hehe.

    Thanks!! :D :D