Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cribbage, Tigers, and Accounting

I learned how to play Cribbage last night. Get a couple competitive people around one of those boards and you will have a show worth watching. Cribbage involves a bit of math though. Some people feel that because I’m an accountant, I must be good with numbers. That is not true. I USED to be good with numbers… but in textbook accounting it’s not all about addition. Oh yes, you have to add up huge columns of numbers and hope the equalize. But that’s what I have a trusty HP Financial Calculator for.

I have decided that it is in my best interest to become a good cribbage player. Therefore, I shall have to learn to add basic math again. Cribbage came around in the 1600s. There was a card game called “Noddy” beforehand that was tweaked/fixed up till it became Cribbage. If you haven’t ever played Cribbage, go buy a board, find a friend, and play. John Suckling (yes, that‘s really his name) is known for the “tweaking.”

My friends, I want to be the first to inform you… but I know that shall not be the case. We are losing our Wild Tigers. According to Reuters we  have less than 50 in China. You know when you leave your nice car in a bad place in the city, you come back only to find the wheels and rims gone, etc… and not much left? Well there’s a tiger trade in China that is alive and well. They use the poor things down to their whiskers. So it should not be a surprise that the tigers are near extinction.  If you want more information check out this website:

Oh and it looks like Mel Gibson is in for it. But that might have been the case for awhile. He was always one of my favorite actors too.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from HB, California.


  1. Ooh, we'll have to play cribbage the next time we meet. Beware! :)

  2. Oh, that would be lovely! I'll have you know... I'm learning from the absolute best. You may want to pull out your cribbage board and practice practice practice... I'll probably be able to teach you a thing or two.... ;) :D