Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's the point of two mafias if you're only killing one person?

Mafia is an interesting card game. Everyone plays it differently. It takes 2-3 hands before everyone figures out what's going on and if they're following John's way of playing it or Mary's way of playing it. "What's the point of two mafias if you're only killing one person?" "You use a sheriff?" "We usually call her the angel." And so on and so forth. It's really quite entertaining. Then comes stating the defense- "Why would I kill that person??? They are hosting this party!" Not a lot of things in life allow the overlap of fiction and reality. Except maybe online chatting. I won twice last night.

I'm all for protection of kids, knowing where they are etc... but I think there's a school in California that has become a bit anal. Preschoolers with tracking device- an interesting concept to say the least. Wouldn't it be nice to know everywhere they've been and where they are right now? Kidnapping prevention/intervention. It seems a little out there. However, maybe it's not a bad idea. The question left in my mind is 'how far becomes too far?'

I briefly read an article and will probably look a bit more into it. Apparently the "Outsource! Outsource! Outsource!" mantra we've been witnessing in the last 30 years might be changing. It's more expensive for a business to hire employees due to taxes anyway. However, if they hire an independent contractor, the tax structure changes and it becomes less expensive. I look forward to calling someone about my anonymous extra credit card swipes and having that actually accomplish something. Wouldn't that be nice.

And that's Emily reporting to you live from Portland, Oregon


  1. Far becomes too far when someone is offended. It becomes necessary at this point to find out which party is right, the party offended or the party offending. Either way reconciliation is necessary

  2. I would actually like to be able to call my internet provider when I have a problem and talk to someone who can actually speak and understand English well enough to help me! :)

    Too far is when my personal privacy and freedoms are infringed upon.. seems all too common in our country nowadays..

  3. I agree, reconciliation would be a good thing. My philosophy is "off with their heads!!!" ;)

    I agree, completely, meeemahhh. Someday!! Things will only continue though- it's like this train that's been set in motion and it's slowly gaining speed. :P