Friday, October 22, 2010

Such is Life

Imagine a life where time meant nothing.

This is not an apology- I truly have had no opportunity to write a post OR check out everyone’s blogs! Time spent on something besides school/eating/and sleep has become a luxury. I decided that in order to take my 5 exams (3 midterms/2finals) and regular coursework by the end of October so I could graduate, I would have to make some changes. I  quit my job and I began studying.

Have you noticed how much our lives are subconsciously defined by the clock? What time one has to be at work/what time one eats/what time one sleeps. I stopped living by the clock and began waking up at 2am and going to sleep at 5-6pm. I drink an amazing amount of coffee but I accomplish mountains of homework. I am usually able to study till 4pm with minor breaks. Current thought on my mind “Live to die another day.”  I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced so much stress. My dreams are plagued with things like World War 3.

They say “ignorance is bliss” I disagree! Why? Because one’s mind is always active. And whenever you don’t know something that you think you should know… you’ll come up with all sorts of scenarios and what ifs. The push to get my school finished is due to leaving for Europe soon. I am super psyched about that.

All of the above is why I have not been visiting your blogs lately. I know that will change as soon as I am in Europe and settled. I’m thinking of starting up a Facebook page for my travels and life in a different country. Soon!

And it’s that time of year… where the weird and wacky becomes second nature and nobody thinks twice. Or actually maybe they do… In Florida one neighborhood awoke to headless animals all over the road. Ewwww. Waking up to sunshine, nice. Waking up to fresh coffee, REALLY NICE. Waking up to headless animals, not nice. What are you doing for Halloween?

My Halloween is probably going to come and go without my notice. Such is life I suppose. Next Halloween I’m going to host an epic party.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live form Sk-Washington.


  1. an epic party??????? where???? am I involved in any way.. I need to know now so I can stress over this all year.. haa..haa.. :)

  2. I don't think I could study that long. You are good!!! I like the idea of an epic party. I want to help you plan it! :D Of course, assuming you'll be back here in the states! Here's to leaving the US and entering new lands!

  3. Oh put me to shame! Good for you for being so disciplined. I have a big midterm on Monday and here I am blog hopping...maybe I need to follow your lead.

  4. I've been thinking a lot about time lately. Mostly about how there's just not enough of it! Good luck studying!

  5. God you're good. I'm terrible at studying! Plus I do think your time for studying is best - less distractions! But I couldn't get up that early/late!

    Hazel xxx

  6. Well done on being so focused - I hope all the study pays off for you (which I'm sure it will!) :)

  7. Welcome back! I can't believe you quit your job, that's huge! It almost means you're one step closer to Europe. I would seriously vomit all over the place if I walked out and saw headless animals in the street. That's disgusting! I'm going to a Halloween party this year. I haven't decided whether I'm going to be Cruella de Vil, a "sister wife" or Babe-Raham Lincoln.

  8. I remeber my last year of University, the amount of work was immense, i basically lived during the night (it's always the best time to get things done), Facebook was my main distraction!!! Damn you Mark Zukerface! Anyways keep up the hard work Missy.

    Alice X

  9. good luck with your studying....halloween is not really that popular in oz and most people don't do anything (to be truthful, i don't even know the date of it), but i hope you have a good one!

  10. Wow! You are going to live in Europe?? Studying abroad or for work or fun? That's so awesome and adventurous!

    My life is definitely defined by a clock. Always running late in the morning trying to get to work. Doesn't seem right!

  11. The studying will all be worth it once you're in Europe! I'm sooooo jealous and I'm definitely looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  12. @quiverfull and Lee: You both can most definitely help me plan this thing! I'm sure it will encompass some fantastic bonding time. ;)

    @Sandra: Good luck with your midterm! I hope it goes really well!!

    @Hazel: Thanks! :D All i can say is.. if you're in the groove, don't quit! Cause it's SOOOOOOO difficult to get back into it. :)

    @Strangebird: Thank you!! I really do hope it all pays off in the end. :)

    @elleswim: Thanks :) And yes, I agree!! It's super gross and I don't even WANT to know why they were there. Seriously... ewww! I like the idea of Cruella Deville. :D

    @AliceX: Oh tell me about it! It's like... study, facebook, study, facebook, facebook, facebook... CRAP! It's already 11!! :P

    @dull boy: I'm finding that it's not too popular in a lot of other places! At least I'm not alone in doing absolutely nothing! hehe

    @sassyshoediary: Yes I am! I'm going to be working as an au pair for about a year or so. I can't wait!! :D

    @Leanna: That's truly the only thing making me work so hard! :D