Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Stay Away or Not to Stay Away?

      Europe is on a terror alert at the moment. They say to be extra cautious if you are in France or Germany. They almost go so far as to say “Stay home” if you are an American traveling to Europe. I wonder how many people decide to not go on a trip because of a terror alert. It’s easy to think ‘oh, that would never happen’ if you aren’t around situations like that.

Suppose you lived with situations like ‘frequent terror alerts’ you might think people traveling to Europe (because they planned their vacation way in advance) are slightly insane to come if they have a choice! Then again, this begs the question, should one allow themselves to be stopped by everything that could go wrong? Or just live their life trusting that when it’s their time to go, it’s their time to go.

However, it’s stupid to do things you know are stupid because of the assumption that “if I don’t make it, I wasn’t meant too.”

On a side note, when 9/11 happened people stopped flying places. You could get tickets at ridiculously low prices because airlines just needed passengers. I suppose something has to happen- something that one might feel is extreme enough, in order to actually take someone’s advice and just stay home.

And that’s about where I am at. I’m not leaving for Europe November. I don’t think I would cancel my ticket unless something detrimental happened that I felt had a 74.3679% chance of affecting me. And if something did happen before I flew out, after it’s happened, is that the end? Nobody wants to jump back in the stock market after it crashes- until they know/can assume it’s going back up. But it’s those that are willing to take risks that might make a killing out of just throwing their money in there, even when the majority of people might be hesitant.

People who were taking advantage of cheap tickets were probably pretty psyched. It’s really expensive to fly places.

The other day I studied. And for a change of pace, I studied some more. After several hours of this, I decided to head out to one of my favorite coffee shops and walk around for a bit. It was lovely! As I was driving back, I chanced to see something that slightly concerned me.

On the right side of the road, pulled off, there was a man and a woman. They were gazing, all perplexed like, at a super nice and shiny motorcycle. What I found most unusual was that the couple looked like they were in their 80s.

Like…. “Honey, what is this thing?”

I want to be someone who is still going out on motorcycle rides in my 90s. I will start by putting “Take a ride on a motorcycle” on my bucket list. As I have yet to experience that, I think I should start before getting excited at the thought of “Heading out in my 90s!”


  1. I can understand people's fear, but I remember the government and airlines saying that if you flew right after 9/11, you were safer than ever. I think as long as people are careful and everyone in the airports does their jobs...everything will be fine.

    And that's funny about the old couple confused about a motorcycle. I always laugh when I see older people ON motorcycles! I say good for them!!

  2. I do love the idea of cheap tickets. I shall plan my next vacation around a terrorist attack. XD

    Good job for studying, studying, studying. It takes more out of a person than people think...unless they themselves are one of the persons.

  3. Oh cheap tickets would be niice. Especially with all the traveling I want to do!

    Hazel xxx

  4. @Laura- It's kind of weird, yet logical, how that works. Yet, despite what the gov said, people still had a fear of flying. I wonder if the airlines ever really recovered? It's nothing like a bad year and then going into a recession to take one down. Just bad luck, I say.

    @Leanne- I agree!!! It does take it out. I like deadlines and working without deadlines is becoming difficult. I spend more time on blogger than I should!

    @Hazel- cheap tickets really are the BEST!! I hope you get to do all the traveling you want to!

  5. ohh I'm totally about the cheap tickets! my parents go to florida during hurrcane season all the time, cuz tickets are cheaper. they say, the chances they will die of a hurrcane is next to zero. haha! I went back to asia during the SARs phase cuz it was cheap too. lol

  6. I love traveling but it's very expensive so I don't get to travel as much as I want to. So I'd go for the cheap tickets. :)) I doubt anything's going to happen to me.. especially when terror alerts and securities are up. Haha!


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Where are you heading to in Europe?

  8. I've given you an award. Come check it out!

  9. I'd definitely go for it if it were me. I'm dying to go myself and plan to in the spring, though I've yet to make any official plans (or even get a passport yet!). I wouldn't want to let something like that ruin my plans, though. Is it a risk? Technically, yes, but everything is. You'll have a great time on your trip!

  10. @Pop Champagne, that's brilliant! I'll have to look into tickets to FL. I love traveling anywhere and I wanna see Miami! haha

    @Mia, seems like money is what stops a lot of us from traveling! No fair!! :(

    @Sassyshoediary, I'm headed to Denmark specifically!! I'll be there for awhile though, so I fully intend to see as much of Europe as possible. So excited! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Jess, Thanks!!! Look forward to reading more of your blog!

    @Cassie, ohhhh, go for it!!! That sounds amazingly exciting. Come visit me! hehe Where are you thinking of going? And ya know, get your passport as soon as possible! You never know what could come up~ and you can always just have it for the next 10 years. :)

  11. Good job studying, I really need to start throwing myself back into Uni again. I feel like I'm not putting enough effort in just now..

    Ps: I gave your blog an award, come check it out!


  12. aw, Steph, thanks!!!! Wish you the best of luck getting back into the school!! <3 <3

  13. One thing to consider, Emily, is that in traveling to Europe, you'll be the PERFECT target for evil--an attractive, Christian, American, young lady traveling alone and thousands of miles from home and everyone she knows. Something to think about...

  14. I read this book that was titled something with the words "gutsy and women and traveling alone" and she was all for it! It just means i have to be extra careful and pay attention. :) I have borderline paranoia issues... so I know I'll be on the lookout. I will consider all that though!

    And, on a side note, I will have a computer, so you can bet I'll stay grounded by all the cool people back in the US. ;)