Tuesday, December 13, 2011


      I watched New Year’s Eve the other night. While lacking in substance, one of my favorite lines in the movie:

“What would you do today if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Now go do that.”

That is something to think about. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “what ifs” and not take a chance on anything.

The twins I babysit on occasion were playing outside the other day. One of them fell down. As he laid there our conversation went something like this:

“What do you do when you fall down?” asks E
“I fell down!” said R
“R, when you fall down you get up stronger than before!” says E with energy, holding up her arms in victory pose.
R stands up.
“So what do you say?”
With some coaxing he says, “when I fall down I get up stronger than before!” complete with victory pose.

A new day always dawns regardless. Life never promises to always be easy and if it were, would we appreciate it?

Dear L-

Life was really simple and then somewhere down the road it changed. The slow sinking in of reality and the taking of responsibility began to represent the loss of youth and innocence. It’s the little setbacks and how they were handled that helped to shaped the person you are today. Right now I know you’re asking the question why. Dear L, don’t be afraid to open yourself and feel right now. DO it because it is hard. Don’t hold it inside, you find a way to let it out even if it’s tough. Because how you feel when you do let it out is how you’re feeling inside right now. Just because you ignore it doesn’t mean it isn’t still there affecting your outlook on life.  

Take an ECG machine for example which represents the rhythm of your heart. Up and down, up and down. Imagine that up and down representing your life – You’re feeling great about your life when it’s up and you’re feeling down about your life when it’s down. But imagine flatlining and feeling nothing. Life is meant to be lived and felt.

Time heals everything and I know you’ll pick yourself up and be stronger for it. Cause that’s just who you are.

Yours truly,

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