Monday, November 8, 2010

My Secret

I have something amazing to share with you all. I am a coffee drinker and I drink a lot of coffee. But at some point, I think everyone who drinks coffee eventually comes to a point in their day where they have had enough coffee! It could be the caffeine, it could be the taste, it could be that you are just tired of it! 

A die-hard coffee drinking fan like me has a hard time admitting that. And sometimes you still want something to drink! Well- I usually will go for a chai tea drink! I love chai tea lattes, chai tea, and chai tea. At Starbucks a chai tea latte is about 4 US $ ++ if you order a grande. It almost makes you choke to have to hand that over. 

Enough of that- 
Go up to your barista
Ask for a chai tea (just a plain regular chai tea bag in hot water)
Ask for 4 pumps of Vanilla Syrup
Ask for 1/2 inch of soy milk

I spent $2.11 on my drink tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was sweet, delicious, and warm! And not overly sweet either. The perfect comfort drink if you are out and about. 

Hope you enjoy! It's cheaper than a latte and only a bit more expensive than just ordering regular tea. <3 <3

I spent my weekend with friends in Seattle and had a fantastic time! Because I'm getting ready to head out on my European adventure, I think I held this event as extra special. Good friends are hard to come by. <3 <3


  1. add this to your iced coffee with your favorite syrup in the summer and you covered for the year.. :)

  2. This is the best secret out there for anyone who loves coffee! Drinks there can be so expensive!

  3. ....just picturing myself (6'3", covered in tatts & piercings), going up to the counter and in my best gay voice saying 'can i please have a chai tea, oh, and i'd like 4 pumps of vanilla syrup with that, and 1/2 an inch of course'.....

  4. Great tip!! I love chai lattes too :)

  5. YAY! I love that secret & i'm going to try it soon!
    When are you actually leaving on your trip, and for how long?!

  6. Good heavens! Who are you, and what have you done to my friend Emily? Coffee was like your identity. We need to have another get-together so I can meet this new edition of Emily. :P

  7. that is really nice! and yeah sometimes coffee just cost too much like at Starbucks!

  8. @anonymous- Barista is the person who makes the coffee drink. And the word is actually non-gender specific. :D So, it does't matter who's making the coffee- they're still considered a barista. LOL

    @dull boy- HAHA- your comments always make me laugh. :D

    @Benjamin- LOL! :D True true, but sometimes one can only have so much coffee! That being said- the day you start drinking coffee i think I'll fall off the earth. ;)

    @Pop Champagne- It is EXPENSIVE!!! I really don't understand how people can keep buying those lattes time after time. In my state a grande is almsot $5!! Talk about OUCH!

    Thanks for the love everyone! <3

  9. Hey great idea on the cheaper drink! I don't drink coffee but I do get tea sometimes.

  10. *gasp* Well then, for your sake I shall remain a tea drinker. :P

  11. i don't drink coffee that much... but my drink choices are usually more expensive. BOOO!!!! I usually prefer Frapps and i prefer cold drinks over hot (for any season of the year) and these usually go for about $5 :(