Monday, November 1, 2010

Please, Get Over Yourself

Happy November 

Just yesterday I was in Southern California swimming in the ocean and  now it’s time for the winter clothes, hot drinks, and boots! Lately, I’ve been feeling quite out of the news loop. I really do hate when that happens. That being said, there are some interesting things going on and I wanted to share a little bit.

#1. Boston’s own “Mary had a little lamb who followed her to school”

Dan brought his horse to school in honor of Spirit Week and even went so far as to dress up like a medieval character. Big mistake. Bringing ones horse to school is as bad as showing up to school with a gun. Maybe if he had concealed his horse he could have gotten not just suspended, but also arrested. We should be deathly afraid of horses. They may want to eat us, someone else could have gotten to them first causing them become zombie horses. Run.

#2. Bucket List item 1

The Ghost Billboard. It’s made out metal and nothing and it looks awesome. I do hope to see it one day and I’m thinking when I get back from Europe, it shall be one of my road trips. I would definitely try to see it in the Fall or Winter time. So yes, my tax dollars went there. That being said, I'm not too upset. If the government didn't commission some art projects, we would not have the Golden Gate Bridge.

#3. Oh please, get over yourself. 

Woman in Michigan advertised for a roommate at her church. She asked that the room mate be a Christian. One civil rights complaint later, I’m sure she wished she hadn’t put the “Christian” into her ad. Really?? Really?? A person is not allowed to specify what they want from a future roommate? All those non-Christians feeling left out, please, do get over yourself. If she had specified that she wanted a female would all the males be feeling left out? If I want an freakin’ Christian roommate I should be able to ask for one. That’s my right and if you can’t handle it, I’m sure there’s a bridge close by.

#4.  If you live in the US

Don’t forget to vote! We need your votes more than ever right now. I dreamed about  President Obama last night and I couldn’t decide if it was a nightmare or just a bad dream. And if you don’t have convictions to vote you don’t have license to complain. Again, get over yourself.

#5.  The Times

Life’s looking pretty bleak right now for a lot of people. Friend’s of mine are sending out application after application after application for your basic jobs and they aren’t having much luck. I’m thankful I don’t have to worry about jobs and job searching for the next year but I do sympathize! It is going to be an interesting next two years.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from Sk- Washington.

Current Music Addiction: Slash: if you like Rock n’ Roll you’ll be right at home 


  1. The horse thing is so stupid. I think people are becoming increasingly stupid. Your song is growing on me. Slowly, but surely.

  2. I love The Ghost Billboard - it's fantastic! Where is it?

  3. Could not agree more with #3, wow! Way to be OVERLY politically correct, i really hate that.

    And thanks for the song suggestion! It's awesome!

  4. Great post! That billboard is really creative! Makes me want to visit Blaine, Washington just to see it in real life. I wonder what it looks like from different angles... However, I don't think it's right to use tax money for art. If someone has a a good idea it should be funded voluntarily, anything else is just gov't glorified theft.

    On the topic of government, I have to take issue with #4. I no longer vote because I have convictions against the moral and philosophical premises of our political system. It's not fair to say that people have no license to complain if they don't vote.

  5. i'd hate to think what would happen if i were to advertise for an 'easy going female room mate'....i'd be open slather to be sued for discriminating against the majority of the fairer sex.

    oh yeah, its compulsory to vote here...if you don't, you get fined $50.

  6. Oh yes! I'm loving that ghost billboard! And yes, vote vote vote!
    xox tash

  7. @Leanne: ahh! You liking my song is just about as good as this pumpkin chai i'm sipping! <3 <3

    @StrangeBird: It's clost to the town Blaine, Washington. And it's on the Canada/US border. :D It does look really awesome!

    @Daniela: Absolutely! I heard it for the first time the other day and I was hooked after that. :D

    @Steven: I can see your point about the billboard. In a way I agree... but the other side of me looks at things like The Sistine Chapel and I see value in that. I doubt that was voluntarily financed but it does add to the beauty of the World. And I like beauty. :)

    imho, if one isn't willing to do something- they shouldn't complain about the results of those that are doing something.

    @dull boy: LOL! Fined? Wow, I had no idea! That is interesting though.

    @chirpy bird: :D :D

  8. Here here, i hate it when people complain about the government, the system or taxes and admit they don't vote.

    If you don't vote, you can't complain. If you don't like the system, change it by voting.

  9. man, the things people complain about nowadays hey? get a life!!! srsly - the woman wants a Christian roommate, let her have a Christian roommate. If you're hurt by it, go look for an apartment elsewhere and move on. >:(

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You're right, sometimes we all need to get over ourselves, very true statement! Keep going....your thoughts are great:)

    Julie xo

  11. Oh I know what you mean! I'd been vacation in a warm sunny country for quite a long while and when I came back my parents brought a winter jacket for me when they met me at the airport lol It still feels a little weird to be wearing scarfs, gloves and all!

    As for teh news thing, I like takign a break from the world like this, but don't like the feelign of being out of the know later... The billboard is awesome, btw!

  12. I'm so over politics and these unsatisfying, "lesser of two evils" bullshit choices we're given. In Georgia, our choices for governor were Roy Barnes or Nathan Deal. There's always the libertarian or other 3rd party candidate, but everyone seems to abide by this school of thought: he's not going to win, so why split the vote?

    Here's the thing about all of our candidates: They're all shit heads. All of them! They all have terrible ideas and questionable political ethics and we're supposed to sift through them and determine our vote by asking ourselves, "Out of the following shit heads, which one is less shit-heady than the others?"

    Grr. Voting season stresses me out.

  13. The Ghost billboard was the thing that got me. How curiously cool! Great post, Em! :)

  14. wow some things people complain about. who cares if someone wants a christian roomate. i don't want a smoker roomate, is that offensive to smokers? I don't want a dirty roomate, is that also offensive? So how is wanting a christian roomate offensive?!

  15. @Jas- I know what you mean! Even the party you do follow doesn't really live up to what the party is "supposed" to mean. And for example, you'll have all sorts of people running under the Republican ticket etc... And they don't always stand for what republicans used to! I'm all for change (LOL) but I would like some consistency. And politics and consistency don't always seem to go together.