Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reality is

             I didn’t major in economics I majored in accounting. I don’t really understand exactly how the economy works but I do know this, if you don’t work you don’t eat. I know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s as simple as that- unless it’s complicated. Complicated is when governments give handouts and people begin to feel as though they are entitled them. Complicated is when people begin to think that they should still eat even if they don’t work.  

I don’t think that welfare in general is very beneficial to society as a whole- it usually turns into a mooching system. And when you’re getting something for nothing, why would you want to work or want to better yourself? I won’t deny that people genuinely need help at times but I don’t think free government handouts without restrictions are the answer. I don’t even think free government handouts with restrictions are the answer.

Let’s talk about where the money is coming from- there’s nothing free so someone must be paying for it. Right? Let’s try a multiple choice for this one.

A.   It grows on trees behind the White House
B.   The government has their own private Genie that grants all money requests  
C.   um…. Money? It’s just there!
D.   It comes from the people out there working jobs.

If you answered A, B, or C you’re living in an alternate reality and I want in! If you answered D you might actually be doing alright.

Yes, the money that the government hands out is our money. In my last post I mentioned how the government funded the ghost billboard. I concluded that I liked beauty and if it weren’t for the governments in our world funding art projects, we would sadly be lacking in some beautiful landmarks. However, perhaps the government should work on the trillion dollar debt we have first???? Here’s a link to a the National Debt Counter

Let’s turn our attention to fixing a bit of the welfare problem. Let’s look at what the British Government is doing.
Cameron: "We're doing more than any other Government to help people get back to work. That's our part of the deal. Now those on benefit need to do their bit. The message is clear. If you can work, then a life of benefits will no longer be an option."
Should it ever have been an option?

Why would one ever let a system of handing out money get to the point where one is blindly handing out money to people who really don’t need it? If your sister asked you for money once you might oblige. Twice, well let’s see… what is she spending her money on? More than once or twice- depends on how much you like handing your money out. It might come to a point where it is uneconomical to keep handing out your money. Well governments are handing out your money. And they aren’t worried about economics. Perhaps they are becoming worried. The British Government is now implementing a new unemployment benefits system.

If you are unemployed and you refuse to apply for appropriate jobs or neglect to go to mandatory community work, you lose your job seekers allowance for

  • Three months for a first offense
  • Six months for a second offense
  • Three Years for a third offense

Hello! And welcome to my world. If you don’t work you don’t eat. And if you’re sitting at home when you are perfectly capable of applying for a job somewhere- perhaps you need to wake up to choice D and stop living in your own alternate reality.

Cause at some point- someone’s going to ask where the money is and you won’t know. Truth: it’s not there.


  1. I think answer A was the most correct of any. :P

    "Private value" comes from people working projects and making them value and consequently driving the value of the companies they work for (or start). However, money comes from the federal reserve. Value comes from the hardworking American! They simply steal the value from our dollars and use it to buy treasury bonds in affect forcing us to buy treasury bonds with no ownership! :P So I guess your answer was actually correct anyway. :P :P

    It's a crazy world

  2. Excellent point, Matthew! I would have to agree, money that is not backed by, say gold, is completely worthless. It's just paper we believe in. --And getting crazier. :D Thanks for your opinion!

  3. I don't know what to say except I agree! Although A, B, and C would certainly be lovely solutions haha!

  4. Nicely put Matthew! Money is just an agreement between two people.... Here's to being able to have a whole lot of agreements with people in the future!
    xo tash

  5. crikey....we've always had unemployment benefits and there is no doubt it is a contentious saying that though, there is a skills shortage in oz, unemployment is less than 5% and we haven't got enough workers - particularly people with professional/ trade skills.

  6. I answered D, welcome to the the real world huh!

    I agree that some people abuse the system and use handouts as an excuse to be lazy, however here in the UK we have Job seekers allowance, which isn't a lot believe me, and although you get a lot of wasters abusing the system for the people who work really hard and just got made redundant in the recession it can be a life saver. I think there's definitely some flaws that need to be ironed out but for the people who have paid tax all there lives i think they are entitled to a little something when the fall on hard times.

  7. P.S. i think that the government is right, that after refusing so many jobs and being on benefits unnecessarily for years, they should be refused benefits. It's not fair to the people who pay tax for these people to sit on their buts all day watching Jeremy Kyle.

    Great post idea, great topic, very interesting.

  8. Coming from a parent who used the welfare system when she needed it and got off of it the second she didn't need a leg up anymore, I aways want to defend it - but I have trouble defending something that is so piss-poorly run. With the number of people who take advantage of the welfare system overshadowing the number of people who legitimately need it while they better their situations, I think it's in need of one serious overhaul.

  9. Preach it! :) This was a good read!

  10. hahaha LOVE IT. I answered A even before reading the other answers. I pay almost half of my income to the government every year. back when I was 16 and had my first job at mcdonalds, I was getting paid $6/hr still having to pay taxes on top of that while my welfare friend got $200 every other week. that was way more than I could have made if I was full time at mcdonalds. it's retarded. how do you expect these welfare ppl to get off welfare the more you give them?

  11. Amen! I have 2 aunts that are currently unemployed and living off of the government. It drives me freaking insane! While I'm working my ass off, one of them is collecting more than I make each day by sitting on her fat ass watching TV and drinking. The other is "trying to find a job" but seems to be applying for ones out of her league.

  12. Haha, this was actually funny! :) Although, I must say, there are people who don't work and who still eat and eat a lot lol The whole thing is seemingly simple but gets so complex when you really think of it and dig deeper, isn't it?