Friday, December 3, 2010

Hot Chocoolate

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It’s still been snowing and snowing here lately and since I have not had to go anywhere, I love it! I've included a pic of the latest dumping. Right now it looks absolutely beautiful outside because the sun finally came up.

One of my favorite winter traditions back at home is hot cocoa. I have memories of sledding and playing outside for a couple hours and then coming inside for a cup of cocoa with marshmallows on top- more the better. I’ve tried different kinds of cocoa from the store but nothing beats my mom’s recipe. It’s easy to make and you can cut down or double the size depending on how many people you are entertaining. It's delicious!

Quick and Easy Hot Chocolate
4 c powdered milk
¼ c +1 T cocoa powder
1 ¼ c cane juice crystals
pinch of salt
10 cups water
2 cups milk, half n half, or cream

In a large stock pot combine everything except the milk. Stir with a wire whisk and heat on medium until all is very hot and dissolved being careful not to boil. Remove from heat and add the milk. Serve in mugs with a few mini-marshmallows on the side
Christmas in Denmark    
In the United States usually the gift and stocking tradition is based on Santa coming down your chimney and bringing you your gifts, ho ho ho. It’s different in Denmark though. Starting the 1st of December the Christmas stockings are put up and every morning the kids awake to see what “the Elves” have brought them. Kinda cute.

My previous TSA post was only talking about airports and such. It sounds like Big Sis wants scanners and TSA checkpoints at bus stations and other various public places. I think we have a bit of a problem... how is treating US citizens like criminals really helping? Obama did promise more jobs and such, so maybe this is his way of helping that one out.

And that's Emily reporting to you from Denmark


  1. yummy hot chocolate! this is the best in winter :)

  2. That hot chocolate sounds absolutely delicious. I might have to go to the store for the ingredients tomorrow!

    And the snow is beautiful! Stay warm!

  3. Hello, I saw the link to your blog on your mom's blog. I have been a long time follower of a blog called "copenhagenize". It is about the bicycle culture in Copenhagen.
    I was wondering what ages the children are that you care for, and does the family you live with use bicycles at all for transportation?
    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your time there,
    Lynne in MD

  4. Oh wow. Oh wow. Hot coco. Oh wow.


  5. enjoy your hot chocolate....i'm having (another) cold beer.

    re the airport thing, i saw on the interweb that a woman had voluntarily stripped down to her bra & knickers when she went through the checkpoint..... - there's an idea with a fair bit of merit...

  6. I love drinking hot cocolate when it's snowing outside! yesterday I had to work at minus 3 outside for 5 hours and I had a whole new level of appreciation when my co worker brought me a hot cocolate while I was working! :)

  7. I am extremely jealous of all the snow! It has only snowed twice here and it melted shortly after. The pictures are beautiful! :)

    That is unique and a cute tradition!


  8. @Jamie: mmmhhmm! I would have to agree. :D
    thanks, Laura!

    @Lynne: Hey! Thanks for stoping by my blog. :) The kids I watch are 6 and 9- We don't quite live in Copenhagen, so bikes are very common but not as much as in Copenhagen. Cars are very expensive to own in Denmark and so is parking in the city! People bike in the rain, wind, snow, shine- it's pretty normal. In Copenhagen they have an excellent transportation system but it's not as cheap as riding one's bike around. :D

    @Riley: hehe, yes, it is amazing. I could use some right now! :)

    @dull boy: hahhaa, yeah... that is one way to do it. :P Enjoy you're beer!

    @Pop Champagne: brrrrrrrrr! Cocoa is definitely amazing at that point. :D

    @Makayla: Thanks Makayla! :)