Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Reflection One



Life has a way of stealing our dreams.

         When I was little I used to believe anything was possible. The only reason I didn't get an A in class would have everything to do with not trying hard enough. And then came the day where I really did try as hard as I could and I didn't make that A.  Depending on your childhood you find out that life isn't easy early on. One of the most honest portrayals of discovering life and it's hardships is listening to Taylor Swift's new cd, Speak Now. She's incredibly honest in her lyrics and it's heartbreaking! But we all go through the process of discovering life is painful in some way or another at some point. And sometimes we can pick ourselves up and move on easily but other times it takes longer.

It's easy to let life dictate how you live and what you do. Sometimes we can let our past experiences stop us from believing in what we perceive to be the impossible- or, we can step up and do something about it. One of my favorite quotes is:

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.
We have to take chances and sometimes our destination isn't what we originally expected. And it's ok to make mistakes- we all do. It doesn't matter where you've been, the only thing that really matters is what you do today and tomorrow.

You can do or be anything you want- just depends only on how hard you're willing to work for your dreams. And no one else can decide what's important to you. So next time someone tells you that you can't do something- don't forget to believe in yourself.

    Adjusting to life in a different country has been difficult-- and I go through my ups and downs. It's strange to think of how fast my first month's gone by though! And my host family is fantastic; they've definitely made me feel incredibly spoiled this Christmas season.  I am starting to go back to being myself and that is nice. So to kick start the new season I've decided to start posting my "Winter Reflections"-- similar to my Fall Confessions.      

Winter weather in Europe is causing a bit of a problem for a lot of people with travel plans! So if you're thinking of flying or taking the train you might be facing a few delays. It hasn't snowed for the last couple of days in Denmark but we still have quite the pile up from the last big snow storm.

I am thankful that my neighbors don't have a singing santa though- I love Christmas music but that would be over the top. So we can all tip our hats in sympathy for the N.J. residents who have to live with Christmas carols 13 hours a day. There really is only two things to do in a situation where someone won't turn off their Santa.

One: Steal it or destroy it in the middle of the night
Pro: No more music
Con: Not a very nice or Christmasy. There is a possibility Santa's owner might have camera's watching and then you're in trouble

Two: Get your own singing Santa and let the duets begin
Pro: Maybe the neighbor will turn their Santa off
Con: Can you imagine having to live with two Santa's that won't shut up?

One the positive side- it is almost Christmas and Santa's days are limited ;)


  1. Endless Christmas songs would be make go crazy!

    Hazel xxx

  2. Thank goodness for that! I'm already tired of Santa...plus he never brings me very good stuff...my Santa is po' this year.

  3. Emily,

    I really enjoyed the first half of your post, it was something I needed to hear! I couldn't agree with you more on the topic though, sometimes its hard for someone to take a stand or make a choice even though other people seem to be against the idea. I find that I struggle with this and like you said you have to believe in yourself and I suppose trust your instincts.

    I am very jealous of all the snow you are getting in Denmark, it is making me want to move and join you! I am looking forward to reading more of your Winter Reflections!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. The other night I went over to my friends house for a party. When I got out of the car, I heard singing from behind me but no one was around. My friend came out to greet me and I asked "WTH is that noise?" She informed me that the neighbor had a motion-activated Santa that went off anytime someone passed. Later, the lady came out of the house and we started talking. I said to her, "What's up with your Santa? I almost went ninja assassin on that thing. It scared the crap out of me, that's not cool. Santa almost lost his head!" The next day I drove by again and Santa was gone. I'm not sure if she put him in the attic or if he was kidnapped. I guess we'll find out on the 25th.

  5. I have the new Taylor Swift CD too and I love it. I agree sometimes things happen and it's out ofyour control. I didn't get staight As not because I wasn't smart or I wasn't trying, it was the teachers that decide I wasn't deserving of it while they give other "more deserving" students opportunities to re-take a test again etc. have a great holiday!

  6. I've always loved that quote too! :) Great to hear you are settling into things.

  7. @Hazel: I agree! I always listen to a mix of Christmas and regular mix from the beginning of December until Christmas. Too much is just toooooo much. :D

    @Sandra: haha, down with Santa! ;)

    @Makayla: You are amazing Makayla and I know you can do anything you set your mind to. :D So don't let anyone tell you otherwise! And in Denmark we are definitely getting a White Christmas this December- so I hope you get one too! Thanks for your feedback! *hugs* Merry Christmas to you too!!

    @elleswim: I bet he was kidnapped ;) If it was, chances are you will hear about it on the local news. :D But really, that's just crazy!! And kind of creepy at the same time... motion activated santas?? :D

    @Pop Champagne: Aww, bad teachers are the worst! :( Merry Christmas!!

    @StrangeBird: Thank you!! And I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! *hugs* :)