Saturday, December 11, 2010

What to do with the money....

          The month of December can be crazy for the average family; parties to attend, people to see, gifts to buy, houses to decorate, cookies to make, and traditions to keep. It is supposed to be "the happiest time of the year" but a lot of people are relieved when January rolls around and life settle back to normal.

And we spend a lot of money on Christmas too! In the states Christmas shows up earlier and earlier every year. Right after the end of October stores pull out their Christmas decore, the trees go up, and the great season of commercialism begins.  For a different perspective on what we could be doing the Christmas season check this video out:

A friend posted that on her blog and it made me sad! It's terrible when you really see the numbers.

In NYC they are enacting a new tax called the Crash Tax. How the crash tax works depends on whether or not an emergency vehicle is called to the scene of your accident. If it is called to the scene and you are injured or your car catches fire in the accident you will owe the city almost $500 USD. If it is only a car fire and you are not injured, it will run you up $415 USD. If you get into a car accident but you aren't injured, you will have to pay $365.

Let's first think about how much we pay our firefighters. A lot, check. And now let's think of how much we pay them in retirement fees. A lot, check.  And now let's get more complicated and think of the difference between being fiscally responsible and fiscally irresponsible.  Ouch, check. Our national debt is in the trillions, which in my book, points towards fiscal irresponsibility. Perhaps an alternative to the crash tax would be to try being fiscally responsible and stop "punishing" people for getting into accidents.  It's a funny world  when our government spends our money liberally and then turns around and charges us for getting into car accidents.

So moral of the whole story, it's important to be fiscally responsible. Note to self, stop buying clothes. Oh and, just so you know, you will get your suitcase confiscated at the airport if you decide to bring elephant tails, dried hedgehogs and chicken blood into the states. Just saying.


  1. You just reminded me of how much I dislike this whole winter holiday craze... when it starts too early! I have my bday in the end of November and I always felt it was kinf of unfair when people seem to be already celebratign Xmas and whatnot lol I mean, let me celebrate my bday first! I remember last year we had Xmas tree all over the place starting with teh first days of November and this was ridiculous - November is still fall, right! Thsi year seems to be better in that respect, and I LOVR that!

  2. Ew, dried hedgehogs.

    Poor Sonic :(

  3. I definitely agree with your thoughts on the crash tax. ughhh

  4. ...whatever happened to the time when emergency services were just that - services - to the citizens.....(the same crap is happening here)

  5. The US pisses me off with how anti-witchcraft we are. We need "elephant tails, dried hedgehogs and chicken blood" for some very important spells. That's bullshit. Kidding. You know what is bullshit thought? That Crash Tax. Christ, I'm going to start taxing people for having to teach their children. It's their freaking job.

  6. The video was great. America has become way to materialistic. Which is seen not only in our spending on holidays but, as you pointed out in our government! I wish they would seriously look at what it takes to get us out of debt and back to being the biggest exporter. I don't get how they want to punish the wealthy who work and figure out how to make money and then the government turns around and taxes them to pay for their own debt! What happened to responsibility? Oh yeah. It went out with absolutes and morality being taught in schools. NVM. Great post Emy.

  7. That video is astonishing, it's just a shame that society and the media has forced this fake commercialism on us. We feel bad if we don't buy expensive gifts and shower others with useless crap to make us feel like we are generous.

    Every year people expect more and more, it's hard to remember the true meaning of christmas anymore.

    Thanks for reminding me :)

  8. I haven't heard about this crash tax! Crazy!

  9. @Julia: Awww, sorry to hear about your birthday being stuck right in the middle of all that! My Grandma's birthday is the day after Christmas and it's so easy to overlook it. And that's terrible! :(

    @Jas: LOL- I hadn't thought of that. :D :D

    @Leanna: After a crash tax, what's next?!?!?

    @dull boy: It's just downright terrible and I'm guessing it's just going to keep getting worse. Cause people are inherintly unintelligent most of the time!

    @elleswim: hehe, I share your sentiments! :D :D But it really is stupid.. stupid stupid stupid. Always enjoy reading your comment! :D

    @Aaron: Thanks Aaron! I wish people would start using logic! It seems to be a forgotten and lost art. And if they want to skip the logic it would at least be nice if they decided to use common sense. I think that would take a miracle though. :D

    @Alice: mmmhmm! It's always fun to have gifts and to spread ''Christmas cheer" but I don't like how it's something we feel obligated to do. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    @Laura: Crazy is right! :P