Saturday, September 4, 2010

Barista Hottie

In 2010 something changed. My usual trips to Starbucks began involving regular coffee instead of lattes. My summer drink of choice; iced coffees. To shake things up a bit I would ask for a different syrup instead of the signature sweetener they use. 

After drinking regular coffee and paying a decent price for that, I started to really take into account the cost of a latte. If I were to go anywhere else besides Starbucks I would die before I'd pay $4-5 for a 16 ounce drink. I'd walk out the door and find something else. Starbucks appears to have somewhat of a religious following. They do have something going for them, mainly, environment, excellent service, and good drinks. I've done coffee shop surfing and usually walk away thinking there's something really wrong with the taste of the coffee and never come back. Unless, they have free wifi and it's highly convenient. 

I spend many hours studying in Starbucks. At one point, I spent 2 days consecutively working on my Tax Accounting assignments. I hated Starbucks for the next few days. The only highlight, besides the delicious coffee was the BH behind the counter. BH stands for: barista hottie. (And he really took that one to a whole new level) Yes, a barista is not just a woman. It's any human who has been trained and can make those amazing espresso drinks we throw down $$$ to enjoy. When robots start making espresso drinks I'll change the definition to "any "thing" that makes those amazing espresso drinks..." 

It gets better though. After spending many hours in Starbucks you get to see and hear people ordering there drinks. Something about the heat outside causes people to order venti's and to add a little of this and a little of that. I'm guessing when they're all done, they've probably spent $8 on their drink. It better be a  good one. 

My family buys whole milk and I grew up drinking whole milk. However, when I started working I began drinking skim milk. And ever since then, that's usually what I'll drink cause it's there. Now whenever I put milk in my coffee I usually always go for nonfat milk- it just tastes right. Yesterday I drank a glass of whole milk and it tasted like whipping cream minus the density. I was like WOW you really can tasted a difference!

Starbucks came out with a new drink and I put the $$ down to try it. It's called a Toffee Mocha. It was delicious! It wasn't freaky sweet and it had a nice mix of flavor. Last year they came out with a Caramel Brulee Latte and that was so sweet one couldn't even finish the thing.  As I was ordering the drink the barista making it confirmed with the barista taking my money that the Toffee Mocha didn't include whipped cream. "No whipped cream?" said I. "Would you like whipped cream added to it?" said he. "Is it going to cost me extra?" said I. "no, I wouldn't dream of charging you for whipped cream!" said he. "I'll take it." said I. I take nonfat milk with my regular coffee and add whipped cream to my lattes. That's almost a contradiction. 

Starbucks is doing something right because when all is said and done, I still spend my money there. I usually always walk away satisfied which is the important thing. In today's day and age, competition is coming at a business in all directions. Rule of thumb: Your coffee shouldn't suck if your business is a coffee shop. We can all be happy that Starbucks is going green. My last gift card from my dear sister Lee, was green. And the girl was happy. 

And that's Emily reporting to you live from Sk- Washington

By the by, it's return of the bedbugs and you're next! XD -pop quiz- what do bedbugs, mosquitoes, leeches, and Edward have in common?  


  1. I still like whole milk, but I guess I haven't been converted yet. Starbucks is so doing something right(just not the prices)! And the more they bring in those hotties the more business they will get. We're thirsting for more than just coffee. ;)

  2. Aw yeah baby. Them sweet sexy robot coffee makers. Win.

    "I take nonfat milk with my regular coffee and add whipped cream to my lattes." Also win.

  3. I love Starbucks...great atmosphere - and good memories of hours upon hours spent there with friends.

    I died laughing on all of the 'hot barrista' comments - I've got the same loverly thing at my local Starbucks: a perfect example of manhood with a hippie twist, lol which means dreads ;) But all the girls agree - very worth getting your drink made by him, haha.

    It also reminded me of the song "Taylor the Lattee Boy" by Kristin Chenoweth (cracks me up every time!):

  4. Spend time with me and I'll convert you, Leanne!! And my goodness, ha! You might have something there. ;)

    Hey Jeremy, win win sounds good. :)

    @ Aithne Someris :) oh my goodness, I LOVED that song!!! That was awesome! Mmm, I wanna go to your starbucks now!! Gotta love those BH's! :D Thanks for sharing the link.

  5. If you liked that song - then you will love this:

    It's the latte boys' answer! Haha, I actually enjoy it immensely more than I do the female side of the story...

    Oh no, this Starbucks BH is for me! Haha, I actually just got back from that exact local Starbucks tonight where I got slightly hit on by him *blush* to say that that and my loverly coffee add up to a very good night ;)

  6. haha!!! I loved it! omigosh, I think I'm gonna share those videos with my fellow starbuck's addicts! :D

    oh my oh my oh my!! Isn't it awesome how that can like soo make one's day? You go girl! ;)

  7. o-HO! we have something in common : STARBUCKS~ i would live there if i could ;)))) great post, awesome blog!!!

  8. Thanks Lizzie! Starbucks really is the best. :)