Friday, September 17, 2010

The Perfect Bride

         Most girls dream of having the perfect wedding. We want the tuxedos, the beautiful bridesmaids, the flowers,  the perfect dress, and of course, the perfect groom. We are marrying him, after all! That’s just what you do. And it doesn’t really matter the price, it’s all about how good the wedding looks when it’s over.  If you recall Miss. Clinton’s wedding came up to around $3 million. It’s nice she had access to money for that wedding. I imagine she was most likely just doing her part to keep the economy running.  Let’s not be too hard on her!

Have you ever noticed how awkward weddings are? It’s not uncommon to see people just sitting there after the ceremony, eating their cake, and surveying the room for an escape route. After they have paid their respects to the bride and groom they make a beeline for the door.

That being said, I am not big into the dress and the bridesmaids .In concept, I think it is wonderful to have the support of friends and family on your big day. But that’s the extent. Instead of a wedding, I would prefer a huge reception party. Half the stress and twice the fun. That’s just me though… and most young women I chance to speak to about this topic are dreaming of their prince charming and picking out their wedding colors.

Society has  warped sense of perfection when it comes to people. Each and every person is beautiful and perfect because each person has their own unique and individual beauty. No two people are the same. You may look a lot like Sarah, but you are still YOU with your own character. But the magazines and films won’t let you get away with that! It’s all about appearances. Check out this site if you want to see just SOME examples of photoshop gone wrong.

Definition of PERFECT according to the MWD

a : being entirely without fault or defect : flawless
b : satisfying all requirements : accuratec : corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept
d : faithfully reproducing the original; specifically : letter-perfect

That being stated, whose standards are we living up to when we are entirely without fault of defect? The chance that your definition of perfection is the same as mine is slim. Let’s look at (B) again, same question. Whose requirements? TV/Films/Magazines? 

You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are! You are a unique individual! There is no one else quite like you out there. So you can and should feel special!! 

I like reality tv shows. There’s a new reality tv show in the making E! is coming out with called “Bridalplasty” and I think it is sad. It’s centered around creating one’s dream wedding. Each competitor has an assignment and after completion, the winner get’s to have any plastic surgery she wants. The focus is on becoming the perfect bride. When they’re all finished, they show off their new plastic self on their wedding. Thereby, having the perfect wedding with the perfect bride

I find that disturbing. But that’s not all I find disturbing. A couple weeks ago or so, I wrote about an acid attack happening right in my neighborhood. It was strange to hear about but even more strange is the fact it was all a hoax. She did it to herself. I think she needs help.

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from Gresham, Oregon.


  1. I'm with you, so much to live up. Love the site with the photoshopped pics. Made me feel a teensy-weensy bit better about my imperfections.

  2. Hehe, the bit about the bad PS reminds me of an article i read about auto tune.

  3. You know, if you went into business planning receptions I would hire you. All that money for just one day! Let's just skip to the party afterwards!

  4. What a weird coinsidence - I just saw a little video on that acid self attack story and now reading about it on your blog!

    Anyways, I somewhat agree with all you say in this post. I was never the one to dream about my future wedding, not even when I was a little girl, but I kind of can understand where other girls or even guys are comign from - to each tehir own I guess!!

  5. I think external beauty is not important and not one of the thing one must have to achieve a perfect wedding. Plastic surgery is bad too. I think the show would be a bad influence. You should becareful when you're around your neighbour too. She sounds dangerous!

  6. Bridalplasty?! Gross!

    My sister's wedding (on the 18th!) was beautiful. They kept it simple and it turned into a party. Being part of it was an honor. Their love (and not their decorations) were the main focus of the event. That's how it should be. God wrote their lovestory and they let the world know!

  7. I agree in the sense that weddings have been 'over-hyped'. All these wedding reality shows make us go crazy with ideas for our own. I try to avoid giving it too much thought if i can ;P
    The point of a wedding is, as you say, to bring together your closest people. And ppl are losing sight of that.
    Not to mention the fact that the wedding industry is COMPLETELY profiting from this by charging outrageous prices for everything from dresses to cakes to CHAIR COVERS! Freaking chair covers!
    Now if only the reception was the least stressful part...LOL

  8. @Sandra, I agree!!It does help. Especially when all the magazines come out with super gorgeous glamorized girls. :)

    @Karsten, wow, I did check that out. I have a lot of those songs on my computer. That's kinda awful how normal it sounds though! I wonder how they pull that off at concerts? If they like add it to their voices right then, right there....

    @Leanne, TOTALLY! If I was more creative I would have double caps those words. ;)

    @Julia, I just can't imagine anyone who would toss acid in their own face. OUCH. And I do agree, it is THEIR day. :)

    @Glenys, yeah, I see what you mean! Plastic surgery seems sooo unnecessary when it's for 'beauty' purposes. :P

    @Caitlin, awww, the wedding sounds completely beautiful!! It sounds better than a wedding that's put on for looks. :)

    @Daniela, about the wedding industry profiting.... In a wedding store, mints cost 4x as much as they do in a regular store. How lame is that??? I suppose the more time someone has to plot and plan their wedding the bigger it gets. Let's all unite for "DON'T THINK ABOUT IT TILL IT'S TIME!" hehe :)

  9. I feel you. I'd be way more comfortable with just having a big reception and inviting a shit load of people to come celebrate instead of a long ass ceremony.

  10. haha, good way of putting it, Denise! I imagine it would be quite a hit too. :)