Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Evils of Google

Is it just me or has Google been in the news a lot this last month? Usually about invasion of privacy, China and Google, Germany and Google, or “bedbugs sighted in Google’s Office!” I suppose the last one is the most amusing.  So if Google’s getting the heat from all over right now, how do YOU feel about Google?

They’ve recently added a feature called Google Dashboard so you can see what kind of information Google collects about you and how public that information is to others.  I use Google as my primary search tool, I like how it looks and I haven’t had much opportunity to locate something else. Apparently Chrome has a function that allows you to search “privately.” I don’t believe that really solves anything though.  I have a conspiracy theorist inside me though, so I always think there’s probably more than meets the eye in most situations.

If you want to check out Google and privacy, look up On the left side you’ll see a link titled Dashboard. Go ahead and click it, you might just learn something about yourself.

People are not happy with Google and now they’re speaking out about it.  If you‘ve ever been to Times Square you were probably one in a million walking about. A 15 second clip of the movie below will be advertised there around Christmas. Check this video out: Can we all say CREEPY together? Wait... that would probably be even more creepy.

So in my last post I talked about Starbucks. I really do spend a lot of time there so that makes us pretty tight. I read a story about a 28 year old woman who stepped out of her car and was heading into Starbucks when an African American woman threw acid in her face. Her eyes were saved by her sunglasses but can we all say HATE CRIME? That’s so awful! And she was right outside a Starbucks I visit all the time in Vancouver Washington. Eeek. It gets worse, the same thing happened to a woman getting out of her car and heading to her home. Her HOME!! What’s up with these people? Dude. Like are you serious?? I suppose that means we should all be on our guard no matter where we’re headed. It's disturbing.

By the way, I learned how to take snap shots of my screen- thrilled! I love having techy brothers and knowing how to use the Google search function.

And that's Emily reporting to you live from Sk-Washington.
Stay safe and enjoy the holiday!


  1. I'm liking google less and less...and those poor women! It would cramp my style to have something like that happen to me.

  2. AHHHH! Freaky! Creepy! And everything else. *gahh* This video is ...scary. rofl

    ...and they're readin this too, lol. :P

    Google IS evil!!

  3. Blogger is a Google based website. Perhaps we should watch what we type?

  4. I know Leanne, right? It's really awful.

    Ahhh, Hannah, totally!!!!

    True true, Jeremy.... they'll probably take my blog down. I suppose I'm still using their search thing. When I change that maybe I'll change my blog to Word Press or something. :)

  5. Why would anyone throw acid at random women? Why were they doing it? That's so weird.

  6. I think it's terrible! And both appear random.

  7. All that aside Google is notoriously advocating homosexual rights too. It so sickening.

  8. Oh I remember hearing about that! I wonder what else Google does...

  9. that clip is really so scary! but entertaining huh.

    the internet is a really scary place.

  10. Great post! Many Germans are quite upset with Google for the moment and don't want their homes seen on Google Street View. The biggest concern appears to be that it would be make it easier for criminals to figure out a way to break into houses.

  11. Thanks! That's an interesting point, now wonder they're upset! :( :(

  12. there is always pros and cons..Google help me a lot of trying to find things that i don't know in this world...on the contrary, yeah a lot of Germans hate it when Google's car goes around and take pictures of their homes...agreed with stuttgartgirl...

    p.s., thanks for the comment you left in one of my sites..keep your posts too..