Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tagged :)

I was tagged by Novie ~ Thanks!! :D I'd love to hear anyone else's answers!

1.What was your fondest childhood memory?
Acting out books and videos with my two sisters closest in age. We fell in love with Star Wars/Chronicles of Narnia/Perimeter One/Star Trek. Countless hours were spent reenacting scenes with legos and such. We would also create our own light sabers from sticks. We bordered along obsessive for most things but we did manage to have lots of fun. <3

2. How was your first kiss?
hmmm... haha, wrong person, wrong place, wrong time

3. Where do you think is the best place to retire?
There's a cruise ship called The World. It's a brilliant idea and if I could finance it I would. Can you imagine how much fun that would be?

4. If given the chance to speak to God face to face, what would you tell Him?
I would tell him that I have no idea why he cared so much for someone like me and that I will never understand completely why he would put himself through crucifixion. And I would tell him thank you.

5. Do you consider yourself LUCKY?
Somewhat lucky. I really do believe that some people are born with a sense of luck and others just aren't.

6. Are you aggressive or the shy type?
I am somewhat aggressive- haha. Depends on the situation though!

7. Cake or Ice cream?
Ice Cream - absolutely beyond a doubt undoubtedly.

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