Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Confession Two


In my younger teens, prank phone calls were the norm.  


Usually it was done on an evening when the parent’s were out. We would pull out the phonebook, skim the numbers, and make the phone calls. 

The average, I’m bored and not creative phone calls usually went something like this: 

Kid One: “Let’s call that number!” 
Kid Two: “Hi, is Michael there?” “Oh, I’m sorry… thanks, bye.”

A little more creative:

Kid one:    “Hi, would you like to buy a zebra?”
                 “They come in many different colors” 
                 “We’re selling them on a discount today, only $2,000”
                 “Alright, bye.”
Kid two: What did they SAY?

What are the chances:

Sister #2 at one point liked a particular boy. His parents were ultra paranoid and didn’t have a listed phone number and at that time, one couldn’t just let the boy know they had a crush on him.  However, his family was best friends with a second family my sister knew. *Disguising her voice* She called second family’s number asking for *Jake’s* number. What does any best family friend do? Not give out the number of course.  A couple years later, we find out that Jake’s mother thought someone was out to get her boy. Ooops. Fail. 

Should have known….

Kid one: Call this number- 555-555-5555. And ask for a Ben!
Kid two: *suspicious look* “Ok- it better not be someone we know”
Kid one: “pssh, no worries”
Kid two: “Hi, may I speak to Ben?” “No, no message, I’ll call back later”
Kid one: *giggles*
Kid two: “You said it wasn’t anyone we knew!!” “That was Ben's mom!” 

It was wrong but it was fun at the time. 


FBI agents cheated on a security test, oh my. I suppose most people will take the easy route if they can. That’s not what caught my attention though. According to Reuters- The test’s final question asked if the test taker had consulted with anyone while taking the test. (which they had). The article made a point to mention that the 22 people that had cheated on the test answered no to that question. 

Excuse me…. Would you have answered yes if you had cheated? The only reason I can think one would give themselves away so easily was if they were overcome by a wave of guilt. You might as well just study for it or just go fail it at that point. 

And that’s Emily reporting to you live from Sk- Washington. 


  1. Ah prank phone calls. Those are so much fun, and so lame at the same time. That's hilarious about Jake, though!

  2. Hahaha! I was caught once prank calling way back in high school. It was fun but disturbing to some. Haha! Whatever.

  3. gotta love prank calls, - can't help but think of bart & moe...

  4. Oh God I left the prank calling to my best mate, I couldn't stop laughing!

    She once phoned a boys mum telling her that her son had sh*t themselves.

    I know, very immature but very funny lol!

    Hazel xxx

  5. Aw, prank phone calls. That makes me miss being a kid. Even though I didn't really do prank phone calls when I was a kid because I was a bit of a pansy.

  6. @Steven, haha! Yeah, they really did entertain.

    @quiverfull, I know... what can I say? ;)

    @Novie, I guess those that look down on it don't have much of a sense of humor! It's funny!

    @dull boy, prank phone calls really are the best.

    @Hazel, haha! I'm sure that went over well. :D

    @Jas, it's never too late to start up! ;)

  7. haha aww I remember loving doing prank calls when I was younger, strangely I still get the odd one every now and then!! xx

  8. HAHA! Prank phone calls are something I never tried much because I knew that despite prior 'psyching' myself out for it it'd always go like my first one... which was an epic fail, btw. lol An Epic Fail.

  9. Hah, oh yes, that was the thing to do. I once prank called a gas station and they called back late at night and told my parents about it...dang it. Haha.

  10. @steph, it would be fun to play along with someone's prank call! I remember someone once asked for an Emily- and I was like, "this is her" he goes on and on saying a bunch of stuff that i have NO IDEA what he's talking about. He then pauses and says 'this is Emily, isn't it?" I'm like... yes... :P Guess I was the wrong Emily! Who knows, that could have been someone pranking me! haha.

    @Hannah- oh no!! You'll totally have to share about your first prank call! :D

    @Jamie, LOL! That is funny. :D And sooo not fair!!!!

  11. This brought back such good memories :) We always used the cheesy one "Is your refrigerator running? Yes? Then you'd better go catch it" and hang up laughing.

  12. Love it!! I've never heard that one before... but it makes me wish I was still making prank calls! LOL :)

  13. Haha! I used to do prank calls on my friends! Remember when THE RING was still famous? I would call my friends and play my THE RING dvd wherein Samara says "7 days..." lol!

    But I like the BEN prank u have there! hahahahahha! EPIC!

  14. that's awesome, Traveliztera! I'm sure your friends loved you for that! hehe :D