Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Killers

I watched a great movie the other day called The Killers. The movie has just the right amount of humor, action, romance, and the acting is decent! Ashton Kutcher plays the male lead and Katherine Heigl plays the female lead. I've seen both in several movies and it would appear their acting quality has improved. 27 dresses killed me.

AK plays a dude that works as an assassin until he meets KH and marries her. He's always wanted to live a normal life so once that ring is on his finger he leaves his life as an assassin and settles down to live in one of 'those perfect neighborhoods.' All is well until his past life catches up to him. If you have a chance you should totally see it. Some people like it and some people just don't. I knew nothing about the movie when I decided I'd watch it. So I was pleasantly surprised. 

I was running errands with my sister Lee the other day, and what should I happen upon? I couldn't resist. I wanted to do something obsessive Twilight fans do. (I do like Twilight, just not to the point of obsession.)


BTW_ if you have a husband and you feel inclined to make him eggs, please make sure you make them just the way he likes them. Or stay away from men who live in Kentucky. Apparently, dear husband decided he didn't like his eggs and ran after his dear wife with a shotgun. And his step daughter. And the neighbors they ran to for help. Killing people over eggs? At least he did us a favor and turned the gun on himself.

I will not forget September 11th. Some Americans find it easy to brush off and forget- perhaps they did not lose a friend or family member. And perhaps they operate as if the only important thing in life is what happens in their own backyard. 

And that's Emily reporting to you live from Sk- Washington


  1. I love this movie! It got me hooked on the screen. :)

    I’m a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow me back. Thanks! Happy Monday! :)

  2. I love Ashton Kutcher!

    I tagged you in one of my posts, Miss Emy. You can check it out. Thanks! Here's the link:

  3. I loved The Killers i did my own little review a while back

    I couldn't believe that some people didn't like it, i thought it was really watchable and nice to see Ashton in a more manly role! Lol at the cardboard cutout pic haha

  4. @Maria: It is pretty awesome. Just takes you in and entertains you till the end. :)

    @Novie: *dreamy sigh* :)

    @Alice: I know!! I checked peoples reviews and they're all saying "no chemistry" between Ashton and Katherine. I'm thinking.... dude you haven't seen "The Accidental Husband." There was NO chemistry between the two main people. :P
    Good review!

  5. It was a cute movie. Katherine Heigl is my girl crush...
    Love the pic of you tucked in there in the poster! Great idea...I have done that with the cutout for Twilight!

  6. She is beautiful! <3 Thanks for checking out my blog. :)

  7. I just watched this last night due to your recommendation - so good! Which greatly surprised me since I do not like either of the lead actors! But I do believe that this movie has changed my mind about them! Thanks for bloggin' about it

  8. ohhh, I'm glad you liked it!!! I was slightly negative towards Katherine Heigl but after watching Killers, I'm like "I LOVE Katherine Heigl!!! :)