Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Triangles

      We all like a good love triangle. (or not) Take Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Jacob has quite the following, sans me. I read the books before I even watched the movies and my heart went to Edward. Period. I’m not a Twilight fanatic but there was something about the books.  Jacob didn’t like Edward but he didn’t kill him.

When I was in my teens I took a trip to Mexico with a group of boys and girls on a mission's trip. We built 3 houses in a period of 10 days. There’s a saying- what happens in _______ stays in ______.  For real for true. My sister and I ended up liking the same boy - I still think we’re psychologically recovering from that. I remember how excited I was when I realized he liked me too- I couldn’t bring myself to tell my sister though. How do you say, “I’m sorry girl, I just really really like him?” She liked him first. Sister was mad at me but she didn’t kill me. 

Let’s turn our attention away from fiction and Mexico towards Belgium four years ago. Two friends each had separate relationships with their skydiving instructor.  Els Clottemans is now on trial for the sabotaging of her friend’s parachute, which ended in her death.  That’s cold. Apparently she didn’t like her friend and decided- enough of the competition! I don’t know if I can understand that. Why not change skydiving instructors? Grow up? Move on? I suppose when you think you’re in love, logic comes second.

So, next time you decide to go skydiving with your friend… evaluate how good your relationship is.

I spent a good portion of this morning finishing up my final project for my Federal Income Taxation class.  This girl is happy!! I celebrated by heading to Barnes and Noble, buying some GMAT flashcards, and catching up with the girlfriends.

And that’s Emily, reporting to you live from Sk- Washington


  1. I have never thought to be grateful that my sister and I never liked the same guy. But now I am. :)

  2. Love... It all ends up with the balance between the heart and the mind... if only one takes over, tragic things may happen...

    at least it's good that your sister took it maturely ;)

  3. Yes, I would say your sister took it very maturely. But then again, she is a very mature person. :)

  4. Hahaha note to self, do not go skydiving...ever.

  5. Lol Leanne.

    Yess, thank goodness I have never been in that situation... I think. If I have then I must not have liked the guys that much to make me remember the love triangle that went on.

  6. Haha! This is hilarious!

    Seriously though, I would be very interested in hearing your analysis of the current grad school situation. GMAT prep sounds intense.


  7. This is funny. I have been there: sister and I liking the same guy. But the guy ended up courting me. I dumped him though. I didn't like him enough to ruin my relationship with my sister. My sister and I both moved on and just laughed at the thought of us liking the same guy. lol

  8. Great post. As long as you don't mind I am so quoting the comment about skydiving with friends. That was too good.

  9. Ah oh, what a story!! I guess this saying we have here can be true more often than we think - it goes something like "There's only one step from love to haterid" - I believe you get the idea!

  10. Ah the good old love triangle, great in fiction, not so great in real life. Can't believe the girl actually killed her friend over a guy, that's messed up!

  11. @Laura, it's really not a nice place to be!! Now just imagine.... it happens quite often in my family because there are 5 girls all semi close in age!! :P

    @Traveliztera, mm, I agree! We're still friends today, so that's good!

    @Lee, LOL :P

    @Sammy, that is good! You do have quite a few sisters. At least they're all older, right? hehe

    @Matt, I really haven't decided the grad route I should take. If I should just attack the masters online and be done with it- or if I should hold out for a good school. Either way, I figured studying for the GMAT would be a good idea. :)

    @Novie, haha! That made me laugh. :) It's always nice when the sisters stay friends. It's nothing like guys to ruin that though!

    @Aaron, thanks! haha- absolutely. :)

    @Julia, never thought of it like that. I do see the sense in it though!

    @Alice, it IS messed up!

  12. i'm glad i never liked the same guy as my sister....that would put me on the 'other' side of the fence

  13. thanks for the comment on my nephew :) he's just the best! xo -A

  14. @dull boy, haha :)

    @ajs, absolutely! He is a cutie. :) I have two nephews and they usually manage to keep life entertaining.

  15. Yeah, skydiving? Hello and no.

    GMAT? Look at you, girl, being all smart and shi'! Good luck with that!

  16. But skydiving looks so fun! :D haha, thanks! They say it takes three months to study for, so we'll see!

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  18. Thanks!! I checked the link out and I believe that WILL be helpful. Appreciate it!